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"It's about repetition versus uniqueness. My interest in printmaking is that print mimic what were are as humans: we are all the same and yet everyone is different".

- Kiki Smith.




Over the years, my work has come to focus on different exhibition projects for some special art galleries and art fairs.

I always try to renew the language and materials that I use. I do not like to be trapped in what looks well or accommodates me. Despite my training in engraving techniques, I do not make editions, each one of my projects are unique. I like to investigate about the topics that motivate me, and build my own encyclopedia of images, with which I play later to build my works.


My inspiration is drawn mostly from the natural world, though my work carries references to both artistic and botanical forms. For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated with repetitive sequencing, combining separate elements to form a cohesive group.


Nature is full of reoccurring patterns and rhythms; spirals, waves, repeating feathers and leaves. As in nature, each piece of my work, though seemingly a duplicate, is unique. Silk and paper have the smoothness and the malleability that I need to create new shapes, manipulating them to appear in some cases defiantly weightless. 


My work is a celebration of nature itself. I aim to create projects that inspire, connect and touch in an emotional way, taking the viewer on a journey through different ethereal, botanical and peaceful landscapes.






1973. Santiago, Chile.

Bachelor in Fine Arts. School of Architecture and Fine Arts, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Degree in Aesthetics. Faculty of Philosophy, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

Santiago, Chile

Born in Santiago, Chile 1973. I grew up surrounded by Chilean landscapes which inspired me from an early age. I have a  Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and Esthetic.  During my period in school, I became greatly inspired by the artworks of visual artists that worked with engraved techniques. I graduated  in 1996, cementing my interest in the fusion between human organs, landscapes and natural forms. After some years I moved to Bogota to pursue my Artist career, it was there, where I became a real nature lover. The exuberant landscapes all around Colombia inspired my techniques, my art language, my soul. I was introduced to different and magnificent cultures and became fascinated by its multiple possibilities for expression and development of ideas.


I began to focus more and more on working with different natural elements like feathers and leaves in particular, and started exploring concepts where natural forms and materials merged.

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